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Director’s Letter to Entrepreneurs


Dear Entrepreneur, 

Allow me to take this opportunity and invite you to participate in a programme which I created based on my academic and professional experience. Over 20 years ago, as an alumnus from the University of East Anglia, I specialized in teaching communication and this was a cornerstone which pushed me to acquire knowledge and experience on negotiations from academics and professionals from all over the world. This led to the creation of a practical programme on finding agreement in business talks. 

The International Negotiations Case Studies Programme is designed to meet the needs of businesspeople who work under stress, deal with difficult situations, and people preparing and taking part in negotiations on a national or international level. Negotiation cases analyse talks within a company e.g., directors with an owner, CEOs with heads of work unions; as well as talks between different companies e.g., CEOs or directors trying to work out their best feasible solutions. Given years of working with entrepreneurs from all over the world, I have witnessed great interest in students looking to develop negotiation skills and learn the techniques. During the programme, participants are also introduced to the mediation concept and techniques linked very closely with negotiating. The role of a mediator who assists stakeholders in changing their perceptions about a conflict situation and presents possible feasible solutions, is examined in the programme. 

Course participants learn through the lectures and case studies, which are discussed and analysed from the perspective of different approaches and negotiation techniques. The International Negotiations Case Studies programme was run for businesspeople and international students where English was not their first language under the name of the Business English and Negotiation Skills Programme and was developed and delivered at the University of St Andrews, Scotland as part of the university’s Summer School from 2010 to 2018.  

A growing interest in the programme in Central Europe and Asia, has seen the programme evolve and it became the exclusive programme of St Mary`s Academy Ltd. 

You are most welcome to join my programme. 

Dr Piotr Jednaszewski 

Director of St Mary`s Academy Ltd
Fellow of the Royal Society of Art

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